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2009 Spotlight Awards Print, Video & Web Site Competition Results

Entry Highlights:
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Company/Agency Name: American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science  /
Decker Design
Company/Agency Web Site: www.weizmann-usa.org  /  www.deckerdesign.com
Project Name: "Weizmann Now" Summer 2009
Competition Category: Print: Magazine/Newsletter
Annual Revenue: Up to $10 million
Employee Base: Up to 100 Employees
Award Garnered: Platinum
Top 100 Rank: 72

Judging Results

First Impression:
28  out of 30
Overall Narrative:
9  out of 10
Overall Visual Design:
10  out of 10
20  out of 20
Message Clarity:
20  out of 20
Perceived Relevance:
10  out of 10
Total Score:
97  out of 100

LACP 2009 Spotlight Awards Print, Video & Web Site Competition

LACP Platinum Award Winner  LACP Top 100 Award Winner

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