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Top 100 Winners Gallery
2008 Spotlight Awards Print, Video & Web Competition

STRUWE + Partner


#2. RTL Group 

“174 Pages of Strong Ratings, Revenues and Results”

#3. FnC Kolon 
S. Company

The Manstar Story of Milano & Roma

#4. Caterpillar 
VSA Partners

The Caterpillar Corporate Reputation Campaign Progress Site

#5. Korea National Oil Corporation 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Korea National Oil Corporation 2007 Sustainability Report

#6. Bombardier 
Blue Storm Media

“A Passionate Builder”

#7. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Mountain View Group, Ltd.

“Why Not Change the World: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute”

#8. Union of European Football Associations 
medienfabrik Guetersloh GmbH

“EUFA EURO 2008: The Official Revue”

#9. Government of Abu Dhabi 
Booz & Company

The Abu Dhabi Government Change Management Guide

#10. Deutsche Post AG 
medienfabrik Guetersloh GmbH


#11. InterContinental Hotels Group 

IHG's 2007 Report to the Community

#12. Toyota Motor Sales 

“Magic Dust”

#13. Evonik Industries 

The Evonik 2007 Annual Report: “Der Erste”

#14. Prudential Financial 

The IncomeFlex Direct Mail Campaign

#15. Henkel 

The Henkel Corporate Brand Guide

#16. SAP AG 

“SAP Spectrum: Best Practices for Business”

#17. Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County 

“Campaign 2008”

#18. PPIC 

“Milemarker 20”

#19. SAP AG 

SAP's 2007 Year-End Review Flashbook

#20. Intel Corporation 

“40 Years of Impacting the World” – The Intel Q3'08 Corporate Business Update Meeting

#21. RTL Group 

“TV or Not to BE”

#22. BWI Systeme GmbH 
Formwerk AG

“50 Years of IT in the German Bundeswehr”

#23. Prudential Retirement 

Prudential Retirement's 2008 unConvention

#24. Henkel 

“The Henkel Example”

#25. Balfour Beatty 
PRM Consulting Group

“On the Level”

#26. Henkel 

The Henkel 2008 Corporate Calendar

#27. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services 

The G.I.F.L. Roadshow DVD

#28. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG 
SIGNUM communication Werbeagentur GmbH

“Heidelberg News”

#29. Susan G. Komen for the Cure 
Weber Shandwick

The State of Breast Cancer Report

#30. KPMG LLP 

KPMG's Global Rotations Communications Program

#31. Incheon International Airport Corporation 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Incheon International Airport Corporation 2007 Sustainability Report

#32. ElringKlinger AG 
Lorenz & Company Werbeagentur GmbH

The ElringKlinger Imagefilm 2008

#33. Kirchhoff Consult AG 

The Kirchhoff Consult AG Corporate Web Site

#34. Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame 

“Notre Dame Business” – 2008 Series

#35. Eastman Kodak Co. 

“One” Magazine

#36. Sony Electronics 
BGT Partners

Sony CES 2008 Virtual Press Room

#37. Adidas AG 
NetFederation GmbH

“Adidas Group: United by Sport”

#38. SAP AG

“SAP World”

#39. Weizmann Institute of Science 

“The Faces of Science – A Tribute to Helen and Martin Kimmel”

#40. Korea Gas Corporation 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Korea Gas Corporation 2007 Annual Report

#41. Entergy Corporation 
Peter Mayer Advertising / Benoit Design

Entergy's Online 2007 Annual Report

#42. Prudential Financial 
Leibowitz Associates

The “Enroll in GoalMaker” Campaign Materials

#43. Mai Mult Verde 

The Danube Box
- Student's Notebook

#44. Coca-Cola HBC Romania 
Play Studio

“Zoomzet” – The Internal Magazine of Coca-Cola HBC Romania

#45. Prudential Retirement 
Raymond Creative Group

Prudential Retirement's Client Advisory Board (San Antonio) Materials

#46. HSH Nordbank 

The HSH Nordbank 2007 Annual Report

#47. Deutsche Post AG 
medienfabrik Guetersloh GmbH

“AIESEC E-Magazine”

#48. Ceridian 

“You Can Quit”

#49. Sony Electronics 
BGT Partners

Sony Cierge Summer Microsite

#50. Thomas Jefferson University 
Warger, Eavy & Associates

“CARA's Kit”

#51. Sonoco 

Sonoco's 2007 Annual Report

#52. Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG 
CCP, Heye Werbeagentur GmbH

“RZB - Treasury & Global Markets”

#53. PC-WARE 

The PC-WARE 2007 Annual Report

#54. Cognis GmbH 

The Cognis Pocket Guide

#55. Weizmann Institute of Science 

“The Graduates”

#56. Evonik Industries 

The Evonik Company Guide – “We are Evonik”

#57. Hanwha Corporation 
PAOS, Inc.

Hanwha Corp's 2007 Annual Report: “Taking it to the Future”

#58. BlackRock, Inc. 

“Capitalizing on Change”

#59. National University System 

The National University System DVD Self-Mailer: “An Introduction”

#60. Hormel 
Burson Marsteller / WPP

The Hormel Jennie-O Turkey Store

#61. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services 

The G.I.F.L. Participant Package

#62. Evonik Industries 

The Evonik Competence Brochure: “Power the Create”

#63. GE Energy 
Mountain View Group, Ltd.

“Energy @ The Half”

#64. Kumho Petrochemical 

“The Secret of Our Success” – Kumho Petrochemical's 2007 Annual Report

#65. Hankook Tire 
Honey Communications

The Hankook Tire 2007 Annual Report


#67. Prudential Financial 
Leibowitz Communications

The 2008 Advisor Summit

#68. Merck KGaA 

The Merck KGaA 2007 Annual Report: “Sustain, Change, Grow”

#69. Bayer CropScience 

The Bayer CropScience Corporate Brochure

#70. Cognis GmbH 

The Cognis 2007 Sustainability Report: “Lights at Green”

#71. Prudential Financial 

Prudential Financial's Retirement Income Calculator

#72. Intel Corporation 

“All Things Atom” – The Intel Q2'08 Corporate Business Update Meeting

#73. Peabody Energy 

Peabody Energy's 2007 Corporate Video

#74. Intel Corporation 
Burson Marsteller / WPP

The Intel “Inspired by Education” Web Site

#75. Korea Exchange Bank 
PAOS, Inc.

KEB's 2007 Annual Report: “The Next Stage of Success”

#76. Molina Healthcare, Inc. 
Brogan & Partners

The Molina Healthcare 2008 Marketing Communications Program

#77. Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare 

“The Inside Story”

#78. Yellow Pages Group 
G branding & design

The Yellow Pages Group 2007 Annual Report

#79. Cognis GmbH 

The Cognis 2007 Annual Report: “Wellness and Sustainability–Key Factors for Success”

#80. MLP AG 
SIGNUM communication Werbeagentur GmbH

The MLP AG 2007 Annual Report

#81. Fresenius SE 
Net-Federation GmbH

“Fresenius SE: Forward-Thinking”

#82. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services 

The G.I.F.L. International Training Launch Materials

#83. HOPE Health 

The 2009 HOPE Health Calendar

#84. Four Aces Inc. 

“Extraordinary Encounters with Customers”

#85. Korea District Heating Corp. 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Korea District Heating Corp. 2007 Sustainability Report

#86. Cascades Inc. 

Cascades' 2007 Report on Sustainable Development

#87. AICPA 

“Feed the Pig” Podcast Series

#88. Carter Public Relations 

“Sharing the Story: PR Video Helps Education Program Aim Higher”

#89. HOPE Health 

The HOPE Health Letter

#90. Ceridian 

The Ceridian LifeWorks Annual Reminder Campaign

#91. Daehan City Gas Co., Ltd. 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Daehan City Gas Co., Ltd. 2007 Annual Report

#92. Nong Hyup 
Communication Dong-Gam

The Nong Hyup 2006/2007 Sustainability Report

#93. AICPA 

“When the Winds Stopped Blowing”

#94. ESPN 

The X Games 14 Media Guide

#95. Dallas Zoological Society 
Weber Shandwick

“Zoo to Do 2008”

#96. Prudential Financial 

Prudential Financial's Participant Web Site

#97. Ceridian 

“Coming Home”

#98. Cognis GmbH 

The Cognis 2008 Feelosophy Campaign

#99. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services 

The APEX Program Business Continuity Planning & Customer Service Toolkits

#100. John Hancock Retirement Plan Services 

The G.I.F.L. Marketing Video

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