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2009 Spotlight Awards Print, Video & Web Site Competition Results

 Introduction & Special Achievement Winners

2009 Spotlight Awards Print, Video & Web Site CompetitionThe 2009 Spotlight Awards Annual Report, Print, Video & Web Site Competition drew one of the largest number of submissions ever, representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes. More than 1,000 entries representing upwards of a dozen countries were received, so competition was exceptionally tough.  Materials were judged in peer-level competitions, which are available for review under the "Winners by Format" tab above. 

The following table details the winners of the 2009 Spotlight Awards' Special Achievement Categories.  These competition-wide categories judge communications materials purely on their merits and regardless of organizational size, industry, revenues, or any other metric.  To view details about each honoree within the Special Achievement category, simply click on the winning company's name.

Top-Ranked Special Achievement Winners


Garanti Bank 
Indeks Iletisim

The Garanti Annual Report 2009


Can Communicate 

"Safe Drive, Stay Alive"


Eastman Kodak 
Eric Mower and Associates

"One" Magazine


New York Medical College 

"A Proud History, A Clear Focus,

A Brilliant Future: 2008-2009 Annual Report for New York Medical College"


Transamerica Retirement Services 

The RECOVER Plan by Transamerica Retirement Services



Broward County Public Schools 
The Environmental PR Group

"Live Green. Learn Green."


American Express 

"Communication is the New Community for American Express Human Resources"


Habitat for Humanity International 

Annual Report FY2009:
"How hope grows"



Federal State of Hesse 

The Federal State of Hesse

Annual Report


Can Communicate 

"Safe Drive, Stay Alive"

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